Kencana Technologies Sdn. Bhd. (KenTech) consists of professional project managers and engineers with experience spanning more than 30 years in the construction industry. An outfit with its headquarters in Malaysia and a branch in Libya, KenTech with its extensive network of partners covering a diversity of disciplines, is equipped to deliver complex projects in many countries.

KenTech has been involved with projects in Malaysia, Qatar, Iran, Mauritius and Libya both as contractor as well as Project Manager. The projects are primarily in the aviation and healthcare industries. It relies heavily on technology, using online collaboration within its network of stakeholders to manage its projects.

KenTech’s main focus is in Project Delivery Management – taking on technical challenges on behalf of its clients, whether they are owners or end-users. Owners or end-users of technology-driven facilities have different requirements from those of commercial or residential buildings. Most need signature buildings with unique features.

KenTech puts emphasis on understanding the user's process, operational strategies, growth plans, budgets etc and together with the design team develop a solution that is best-fit while being environmentally responsible. 

Our success can be attributed to this emphasis placed on understanding issues and requirements of processes and ergonomics. This is translated into a detailed Need Statement or Design Brief and through a combination of our in-house and external resources, optimized designs are developed and eventually built.

Our mission at KenTech is to guide owners and end-users through technically challenging projects as if they are an extension of the client's organization.